Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Homefront Update: Day 3

I've decided I have the best 1 week old in the world. She sleeps constantly and is allowing Mommy and Daddy to get at least 6 hours each night. Libby is also a fantastic eater. You can't ask for more than that!! Overall day 3 was a breeze. I'm hoping this trend continues but I am not holding my breath. =) To show how awesome she is, last night she had a little accident where her diaper came off. Instead of screaming her head off, she just whimpered for a bit until I came to check on her around 4:30 am and discovered the 'mess'. At that point it was a simple fix and she was the perfect baby again. I just changed and fed her and off to sleep she went again. I think she is spoiling us. =)

(I'm making a mental note of this post so if this trend discontinues I can remember it =))

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