Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Max vs Elizabeth

Well, you all know I have a cat. He may just be something you hear me talk about but have never seen due to the fact he hates people. Well, he loves me and tolerates Jim but everyone else he hates. So, needless to say one of my biggest concerns was how Max would react to the baby. When we brought Libby home we immediately put the infant carrier right in front of Max. Of course, once he saw me he went straight for me after not seeing me for over 4 days. I, of course, tried to act completely natural and that we didn't just bring something home that could later on make his life miserable by pulling his tail or chasing him around. Max was very good and just circles the 'object' and then made a slight growling noise. Jim and I petted him and then rubbed on the baby to show we love them both. It seemed to work and everything was ok. Well, Max and Libby haven't butted heads yet. The only problem we seem to keep having is the issue of the nursery. You see - the nursery has a chair and a half that I got as a graduation present from college. Max loves this chair and it is in the nursery...where the baby a comfy crib...that Max could claim as his own if he could just grid of the squirmy, sometimes odd smelling toy in it. So we have to keep the door closed. That seems like an easy fix except when it comes to sleeping. The baby monitor in the nursery picks up everything. By everything, I mean every single sound within 1 mile. I could hear the rain hitting the window in stereo last night and even the fan jiggling a bit. In any case, this allows Max's meows to be listened to in stereo in our bedroom. We can hear him in the hallway crying to get into the room and also through the monitor. That has taken some getting used to but we're getting there. The other issue is the pack 'n play we have in the middle of our main level. Max thinks it is a scratching post but has recently discovered the 'toy' sleeps there. I can't tell if he is being protective, curious, or just rotten but he keeps circling it. We're watching him closely but I'm very nervous about it. What would you think if you saw this?

All in all it hasn't been too bad (yet) so I'm hoping this trend continues. I figure if I can just act like the baby isn't there when Max is around there is hope yet!!

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