Monday, October 8, 2007

First Week Home

Well, we survived the first week. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Of course, we have been blessed with a very easy baby (so far!). Jim has really stepped up too (thank you!!). I just wanted to jot down a few of my thoughts and things that have happened over the last week.

  • Smiling - This kid is so incredibly happy. I know it is gas but she smiles constantly when she hears Jim or my voice. It is just adorable.
  • Diaper Changes - I was so nervous to do these. I really wasn't able to do much of them while in the hospital since I was confined to a bed a lot of the time and really had to rely on Jim. Well, I have it down now! We've had a few explosions and some just nasty diapers, and I've become relatively fast at changing them.
  • Screaming - Oh boy, I thought I could handle her screaming because I know it is really the only way she can communicate with me. Jim can vouch that at first I freaked out every time she would scream. I am getting better at not over reacting but I am still not as calm as I would like to be. It just hurts to hear her scream - even though I know she really isn't in pain! She is just hungry!
  • Baby Belly - I knew I wouldn't instantly lose my belly after giving birth. I wasn't that naive about it. What I didn't know is it would look like a deflated balloon! I also didn't realize how much I had truly been swelling either. I've already dropped 25 pounds and I know most of it is water weight! Now I just gotta get rid of this weird shaped belly. =)
  • Sleeping - Everyone tells you that you won't get sleep with a newborn. Well, Jim and I found a way to each get sleep. We're bottle feeding and doing shift work. The only draw back is we don't get to sleep in the same bed together but for maybe 2 hours maximum. Last night I took over the late night feedings so we can try out a normal routine for when Jim goes back to work next week. The rule is he should not feed her past 1am. My plan is to go to sleep early (which, lets face it, I love to do anyways =)) and then I can try to get at least 3 or 4 hours of sleep prior to getting up the first time with her. That is my bare minimum necessary for me not to go absolutely crazy. It worked out pretty well last night. I did a 2:30 am and 5:30 am feeding and actually got to be in bed with Jim for a few hours too! I think I got about 6 restless hours of sleep and plan on taking a nap today. =)
  • Feedings - These are actually my favorite times with her because I can hold her and not feel guilty. =) She is usually a great eater and it gives me an opportunity to talk with her. I'm sure I will eventually be able to do other things while feeding her but right now I just like to look at her while she eats and do nothing else.
This week has just flown by and the Ski family is having a blast!!

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