Thursday, October 4, 2007

One Week Birthday!

It is hard for me to believe that Miss Libby is 1 week old. I had expected her to be this massive chunk of a baby and well, she just isn't. She is just this little petite thing. When I reflect what happened last week, I am just amazed. It honestly makes me tear up just thinking about the whole experience...

Last Wednesday started like any day. I was excited because Wednesdays are doctor appointment days, and I love to hear the baby's heartbeat. It is such a comfort to hear her all of the time. I had been having pretty regular contractions every 30 minutes or so but then they would stop by the end of the day. Needless to say I was hoping for some good news at the doctor's office. My Wednesday ritual was always to make sure I had my labor bag packed as well as wrapping anything up at home that may need to be done prior to me giving birth. This Wednesday was the same but this time I spent the afternoon with my sister and her little one, Zoe. After having a lot of fun with the girls I went to go pick up Jim for our appointment at 4:00. We met with the midwife and didn't even have to wait very long! The appointment was pretty routine - checked my blood pressure (very high like usual), listened to the heartbeat, checked my progress (still none), checked my blood pressure again (even higher)..then came the new part - go to the hospital for blood pressure monitoring. I had a feeling this day would come given that for the week prior to that my blood pressure kept going up and up. We talked with Cindy about what they would do and how long the process would take. She explained they would monitor my blood pressure for at least 2 hours (probably no more) and then take my blood to test my kidneys and other organs. The baby was completely healthy but I wasn't doing so hot. So, off to the hospital we went. We arrived around 5:00 pm and went to a room for monitoring. They took my blood pressure constantly every 10 minutes and it just kept going up and up. After the 1st time of taking it, the nurse was very concerned and warned us we might be there for awhile. I was still expecting only an overnight experience even though I joked with Jim that maybe we'll get lucky and have a baby that night. I had always joked that Libby would be born on 9.27 because I liked that they were divisible by 3 (yes, I realize that is completely stupid and weird but I love numbers - hopefully, Libby won't take after me =)). So after about 30 or 40 minutes we got the labs back and they were not horrible but were not normal either. The nurse explained that we would be going to 'Labor and Delivery' and they need to talk with the Doctor about what the next steps would be. I was nervous at that time so I asked what that meant and she said they will be either inducing me or doing a c-section. Then I got really nervous but very excited. I looked over at Jim and I honestly couldn't tell if he was excited or scared. We called my and Jim's parents to give them an update while we waited to hear what the doctor wanted to do. They continued to monitor me during this time and I was trying with all my might to will my blood pressure down...but it wasn't working. =) I just kept focusing on the baby's heart beat and this weird machine that monitored my contractions - which were 3 or 4 minutes a part. I was hoping this meant I was actually getting scared into labor (yeah, I know that cannot be possible)...but I still was not progressing and this baby was not wanting to come out. The Doctor arrived around 7:00 or 7:30 pm and said we either needed to induce or have a c-section. She recommended the c-section. I was very scared and talked it over with Jim. We both agreed the c-section was best for me and then I called my Mom to get her love and support...yeah, I am 27 and really needed her Mom (thanks Mom, I love you!). So, at around 8:00 or 8:30 pm we opted for a c-section and away we went. At that time it was a flurry of activity. Nurses went immediately into prepping me for surgery. I had never been in a hospital (except for when I was born of course=)) and had never had surgery so I was nervous about the whole process. The nurses were wonderful at walking me through everything so I didn't completely freak out. It honestly wasn't that bad and wasn't as embarrassing as I thought it would be. The hardest part was getting the IV in my arm. I have rolling veins and they just couldn't find one. It took almost an hour and 3 giant bruises later for them to find one they could use. Knowing what I know now, I was really thankful for having that big, very late lunch with my sister. I didn't know I was not going to get to eat real food for another 2 days. So, thanks Erin and Cracker Barrel! =) The epidural experience wasn't even as bad as I thought it would be. It helped that the lady that put it in had a sense of humor. She kept joking around with me and they were horrible jokes - which really helped! They gave Jim scrubs to put on (he looked hilarious) and off we went. They had us take this picture before I was rolled off into the operating room...I was thrilled with it but now I am thankful to have it. If, for nothing else, to remind me of what Jim looked like. =)

So off we went...I have to admit I was terrified. I don't know if I was more terrified of the surgery or the fact I was just about to find out whether my baby was ok or not. I chose to fixate on the baby versus the surgery. Thankfully they put a blanket over my view so I couldn't see anything. I felt nothing but I kept losing feeling in my hands/arms. It wasn't a problem then but after we were done I couldn't hold my daughter for several hours. That made me very sad. Jim got to watch parts of the surgery and got to see the baby being born. When she started screaming it was the best feeling in the world. They confirmed it was a girl and she was healthy. It was wonderful. After that they got me all sewed up and rolled me to recovery. My blood pressure magically dropped...and dropped...and dropped. They actually had to give me medicine to bring it back up. Jim, his parents, and Marsha (Jim's sister) came into the room with me and it was such a comfort. (Thanks guys!) They left a little after midnight and after a few more hours in that room I got rolled to another room. They were going to monitor me there because my blood pressure was still a little wacky. They also gave me magnesium to prevent any seizures. At around 2am I got to see Libby and actually hold her. It was absolutely wonderful. At around 3am, I was exhausted and fell asleep. The only glitches came the next day around 8am. They took my epidural out after mixing me up with the previous occupant of the room. Well, lets just say the pain meds stuff got a little mixed up after that but it was ok. I got moved to my permanent room by 6pm that next night after being promised I would be moved about 8 hours earlier. My parents came up to see me and the baby as well as my brother and sister (with Zoe) came by too. It was great to see them all and watch them see Libby for the first time. The next 3 days were a completely blur. I continued to heal and Libby was thriving. She continued to eat more and more and seemed to be very happy. We were thrilled.

Looking back on my time in the hospital, it was great. I highly recommend St. Johns Hospital as a place to have your baby.

The previous week has been absolutely wonderful. I am still in completely awe she is here after such a crazy flurry of activity. But Jim and I are parents now! Wahoo!

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