Saturday, October 13, 2007

Sleeping and Eating

I still say we have the best baby in the planet...very calm, a great eater, and a great sleeper. Well...she sleeps great in our arms and she eats constantly. =) It is very strange (to me)...but maybe it is'll have to tell me. During the day Libby likes to be held and at night (after midnight or so), she is usually ok to sleep on her own. So it doesn't affect us too much when sleeping but during the day it is crazy. Eating is similar. At night she eats and makes it a good 3-4 hours (usually closers to 4 hours) but during the day, it can range between 2-4 hours...usually closer to 2 hours. I'm not entirely sure why the schedule changes during the day. Craziness!

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